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Campus & Career Diaries

All women deal with the pressure of balancing life differently. In most cases, women are more likely to take advantage of flexible scheduling and planning, like working part time, or sometimes decide to move to less demanding positions. In the case of balancing relationships and career, any decision could seemingly stall women’s careers and lifestyles.

Women will engage with community partners. More specifically, signature workshops will be based off of Destined IMAGE’s main objectives: Intuition Awareness, Re-Designing Morals, Attitude & Poise, Goal Setting, Evolution Testimonies:  
This empowerment workshop series will serve as a platform to encourage female students and career women. Women will be able to discuss life experiences with an interactive panel. We will empower participants to maintain healthy life choices and balance stress management while either continuing college studies or career aspirations. Opportunities for scholarships will be announced.

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