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T.E.A = Thoughts, Emotions, Actions. As an extension of our programming, T.E.A Mentoring will combine the 5-Tier I.M.A.G.E series and intergenerational mentorships to create peer support groups. Peer support groups yield improvement in emotional and mental health along with enhanced self-esteem.

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Destined IMAGE believes we as women need one another to survive! We encourage women to open their heart and minds and unite as one group of phenomenal women. We've created a private forum to provide down to earth encouragement.
Sit back, relax, prop your feet up and enjoy your favorite beverage. Join us in our virtual living room for genuine “girl talk”.
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The most powerful source on earth? A circle of women. Many women yearn to unite with other women but we’ve allowed society to taint the view of true sisterhood. Help us reclaim the priceless value of women support groups

Grab a group of your friends and become a TEA Barista within your community. Individual mentor and mentee relationships are paired here as well.

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  • Exclusive Discounts for Event Registration and Training
  • Early VIP Access To Select Events
  • Fabulous TEA Barista Tote Bag and Apron

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If no, Perfect! Whether you're located in the Charlotte, NC area or not we are looking for women world-wide! We have solid virtual tools to set you up as a TEA Barista in any area.